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Poker Update: April Roundup + May Goals

May 2, 2012 2 comments

It’s been too long since my last one of these. April was a pretty good month all things considered. I almost exclusively played 2/4 and 3/6 and while I didn’t run too well, things could certainly have been worse. I felt like I was playing really well and my game is as good as it has ever been.

MTD April 2012

I’m going into May wanting it to be an epic month – mostly in terms of volume but hopefully with results to follow. Day 1 got off to a great start with me putting in almost 8k hands – not a pace I expect to sustain but I would be happy with anything north of 5k/day average for the month. On that note I should come up with some goals. I was reading an article earlier that mentioned a person is considerably more likely to follow through with goals they set if a) they are tangible (ie “I will play 150k hands” and not “I will play more”) and b) if there is a sense of accountability. That accountability can come from anywhere – a bet with a friend, a training partner, friends/family or in my case, the blogosphere. The thought behind it is that if you put your goals out there and have other people know what they are you are far more likely to follow through and succeed because there is an inherent desire within people to want to please others / not disappoint others. So, on that note, goals!

  • 150k hands of poker
  • 8 poker videos (5-6 for UltimateGrinders and 2-3 for PokerStrategy)
  • Follow through with C25K – I’ve been out of shape and inactive for too long and this seems like a good way to get going again

That’s it. I’ve found making too many goals is unrealistic and results in me trying to spread myself too thin and ending up not getting anything done. If I can do the above 3 i’ll be very happy and will look at adding something new for June.

Hope everyone else had a good April and I wish you all good luck for May 🙂

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PokerStars Team Online!

March 30, 2012 8 comments

This post is coming from a very good place – I have been asked to become a part of Team PokerStars – Specifically the “Team Online” subdivision (I accepted, naturally). This has been a goal of mine for a long time now – originally it was to be sponsored by a website and then it became more specific to be sponsored by Stars. Part of the reason they chose me is because of this blog and the following it has gathered, so a very big thank you to everyone reading this right now. I must say that when I began this blog I had dreams of it becoming large enough to garner notice but it was always more of a pipe dream than something that seemed realistic.

I’m honoured and humbled to have been asked to be a part of PokerStars Team Online and will do my very best to represent my position with the site both here in the Australia & New Zealand region as well as around the rest of the world both online and off.

I was asked to answer a few questions regarding this Team Online assignment and I think snippets of the answers will be posted on the Blog but I’ll post the full responses here for those interested in what becoming a part of team online means to me + what I hope to achieve being on the team:

PokerStars Team Online

1. How do you feel about becoming a member of Team PokerStars Online?
I feel incredibly humbled and honoured to have been chosen to be a part of Team PokerStars Online. It has been a dream of mine for a while now and to actually see it come true is an incredible feeling.


2. What do you hope to bring to the game of poker in ANZ?
Currently the main game of poker is No Limit Hold’Em with PLO being a distant second. It is like this in most places in the world but I would like to close the gap between the two and bring more popularity to the wonderful game of PLO. I truly believe that the game is more fun, complex, interesting and challenging and that all poker players should learn to play it.


3. What can we expect from you in 2012?
In 2012 I hope to continue to advance as a poker player putting in a lot of volume on eventually leading up to reaching SNE for the third year in a row. I’d love to work away from the tables as well on increasing the popularity of PLO both in the ANZ region and worldwide.


4. How do you think your blog readers will react to the signing?
My blog readers have been incredibly supportive ever since its creation over a year ago. I believe they will be happy for me and eager to see what I can and will do with my new position as a part of the team. I appreciate and value the support of my blog readers incredibly highly.


5. If the public should know one thing about Roy Bhasin the man, what would it be? And how about GodlikeRoy the poker player?


As a man it would be that I am always eager to try new things and expand my horizons. Whether it be travelling to a new place, eating a new type of food, attempting a new activity or anything in-between. Much in the same veign as that the one thing about me as a poker player is that I am always trying to adapt and am open-minded about all forms and types of poker. I will play try any variant, any format (tournament, cash, SNG) and any number of players (FR, 6max, HU) as well as all ranges of starting stack sizes. I find this approach to poker more interesting and it allows me to stay fresh at all times.  Basically, I just love poker.
So there you have it! As you can imagine this is an incredibly exciting time in my life and a great opportunity for me. I’ll be making a few more posts in the upcoming weeks about what else I have been up to over here along with a well overdue poker update. There is also an upcoming promotion for those in Australia that will be revealed in the coming weeks which I will be a part of – stay tuned 🙂 Hope everyone is well! Cheers!
Edit: Here’s a link to the article on the PokerStars Blog

A quick poker / SNE update

November 11, 2011 3 comments

It’s been exactly a month since my last poker update so now seems like as good a time as any to make a progress update.

Overall things have been going well — there was a 2 or so week breakeven period where nothing was working but that’s nothing out of the ordinary. VPP-wise I am coming along at a nice pace:

VPP Count

With just under 200k to go I am still on pace to hit SNE right around the middle of December. I’ve been putting in some big days recently getting up to 8k some days which is really helping the chase. I’ll be taking this weekend off to visit my parents back in Brisbane with Puneet but once I get home it’ll be full steam ahead until I get VPP 1,000,000.

My graph since my last update:

Last Month

Hope everyone is doing great — especially those in the same shoes as me pulling into the SNE finish line! GL all.

Aussie Aussie Aussie, Millions Millions Millions?!

October 31, 2011 Leave a comment

Aussie Millions

Before anyone says anything — yes, I understand the high amount of lameness in the title of this post. Nevertheless it shall remain. For those of you not in the poker world, or those in the poker world who live under some monstrous rock, the Aussie Millions is Australia’s largest poker event and occurs in January each year. This year it will run from the 12th to 30th of Jan.

I intend to head down to play in a few events and some cash games but being a PLO player the entire schedule doesn’t appeal to me. For those interested you can find a full copy of the schedule at this link but i’ll  talk about all the cool events here anyway (read: non HE events).

If you’re strictly an omaha player then the AM has the following to offer you:

$1,100 2-day PLO event on Monday the 16th of Jan.

$2,500 2-day PLO event on Thursday the 26th of Jan. 

$550 1-day PLO event on Saturday the 29th of Jan.

A bit disappointing that they knocked this year’s 5k event down to a 2.5k event next year but it’s probably in the hopes of getting more runners as it was essentially a SNG on steroids this year. If your NLHE skills are adequate enough then there’ll likely be a lot of soft PLO spots in this event:

$1,100 NLHE / PLO 2-day event on Wednesday the 18th of Jan,

and if you’re confident in 7 other games (now we’re stretching it..) there’s the:

$1,100 8-Game Mixed 2-day event on Friday the 27th of Jan or for those super keen highrollers there’s the $10k 8-game event on the 29th. 

Personally I’ll be flying in on the 21st and staying til the 29th to catch the last two PLO events, the 8-game and the best tournament of all (I saved the best til last):

$5,000 Chinese Poker event on Monday the 23rd of Jan. 

That’s right, a chinese poker tournament. I don’t mean to brag but i’m probably the best chinese poker player in the world. No, really. Many a friend have sworn to never play me again. [for those who don’t know, the game is almost completely luck, but I will uphold my stance of having an edge to the death].

Anyway I’ll leave this entry short and sweet – hopefully I’ll see some of you down there come January!

An Updating of Le Poker

October 11, 2011 4 comments

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a poker update in here so I thought it was about time. Ever since getting back from the US/Mehico I hit the ground running and was in ultra grind mode. The first few days getting back into the rhythm was a little slow and then for a solid month and a half I found the boomswitch and was unstoppable. September saw reality hit (as it always does) and I had my first solid downswing/breakeven stretch which lasted the majority of the month. I’m not unconvinced that it wasn’t coincidental to have fallen throughout the WCOOP – playing all those tourneys messed with my regular grinding schedule a bit. Nonetheless September, the WCOOP and my bad run are all over now and October is seeing better results, more hands, more VPPs and things starting to look peachy keen again.

Graph since getting back:



Regarding SNE I need 329,264.70 VPPs by years end to make it which works out to roughly 4k hands a day. On a good day I can bang out 6-7k so i’m not worried, and my plan to finish by November’s end / early Dec is still full steam ahead.

With no more online tourneys or major trips planned for the next couple of months I intend to settle into a nice grinding groove. I’ve gotten comfortable playing 16 tables again (I had backed down to 8-12 for a while) and have put in a couple of monster sessions over the last two days and felt very comfortable within them.

A word on game quality of late: My post-black Friday predictions are right on track:

Medium Term

The games will get tougher. All of the non-US pros who withdrew their roll with start to re-deposit (likely with a lot of caution, but they will be back) and will resume playing as normal. On top of this we will get a non-insignificant number of US pros who relocate and are able to jump back into the games. No fish is ever going to move their life to be able to play poker. No fish is ever going to set up a VPN to access the games. A lot of regs won’t either, but some will. Those who make the most money are more likely to do this, and those are usually the best players. I don’t see this having any impact on the games until after the WSOP (when most people are planning on moving) but there will probably be a time when we look back and miss the “pre black friday glory days”. The difference isn’t going to be as notable as pre UIEGA and post UIEGA but it will be there.

The games have certainly gotten tougher and it Blacklisted at Hop Sings is almost entirely due to more of the US pros relocating after the WSOP. I won’t name names (I don’t want —> barking at me)  but any reg can see the abundance of “Canadian” and “Mexican” mass multi-tabling players that weren’t there for that glorious 6mth period from April – Sept. It’s tough to say whether or not the games are better or worse than they were pre-BF, I think it’s pretty close. Anyway all this means is that everyone needs to stay on top of their game if they want to keep up. I’m feeling better than ever about my game and my results are mirroring those sentiments — as long as you keep studying, game select, work on tilting less and play your A game then increasing game toughness should be considered a welcomed challenge. Poker’s no fun playing against droolers — sure, it’s more profitable, but there’s nothing like battling it out with an aggressive dynamic against a bunch of regs. Ofc everyone would still prefer the former situation but that’s unreasonable and at the end of the day we all love the game so when things change it’s time to step up and change with them and embrace the challenge. GL all.


September 28, 2011 2 comments

WCOOP 2011

At the end of every tournament series you will see the exact same thing every time: 95% of people will be tired, burnt out, frustrated, and will have lost money. The other 5% will range from being fairly happy to utterly ecstatic over their results. Unfortunately this WCOOP saw me fall into the former category, so let me say for myself and my fellow tourney-hating comrades: MTTs are silly.

I stuck to my schedule religiously and I believe I played every event I intended to with a couple more mixed in for good measure, and a handful of 2nd chance events too. Coming into my last event (the $530 PLO HU) I was yet to cash. I did manage to amass a ludicrous amount of T$ playing the hyper-turbo 6max SNGs to the $320r 6max PLO event. The structure was that top 2 finishes got a seat. I must have played 30 of them and had a winrate of close to 70%. Good times. Outside of that though things were bleak.

The HU event started at midnight on a Saturday night here in Sydney. This meant either sleeping during the day and waking up early, or just staying awake for a really long time. I elected to stay awake. I sit in front of my computer at 11:59pm pumped and ready to go, load up the lobby, wait for my table and.. first round: Bye. This is good. I get a free pass on to round two but far more importantly I can sneak in a cheeky lil nap. I set my alarm for 1.5hrs which I think should give me enough time, but as a safeguard I turn my laptop sound up to full and turn the PokerStars “sound alerts” on. Needless to say neither worked very well in terms of waking me up. I can’t recall if it was the incessant beep beep beep from the Stars client or whether my alarm finally chimed away but I awoke to see my timebank down to its final seconds. Fortunately this meant that I woke up in time for the first hand, had lost no chips, and could get cracking. The downside was that for this match and all future matches I had no timebank. It felt like a disability at the time but the decisions I made were quicker and more “gut-instincty” than I may have made with more time to mull things over, and that appeared to be working out quite well.

I was down to being a decent dog very quickly in the first match, 12k to 3k chips or something to that effect. A couple of lucky double ups saw me in great position and I finished the match off shortly after. My next match was against someone whose name I can’t recall but was outrageously easy to play against. He would fold to almost all my bets, hardly ever 3bet me preflop, and overall play very very straightforward and face-up. I ended up chipping away at him and the match was over in no time. You know what this means right.. another nap! I set my alarm for 15 minutes this time, and kept checking the lobby and re-setting my alarm and getting short stints of sleep in. This was a much better idea.

The next round saw me pitted against the HU PLO Behemoth LuckyGump. I knew he would have an edge on me but with the structure of the tournament I was confident it would be small enough that lady variance need only give me the slightest nudge in order for me to break through. And that’s exactly what happened. I had him all-in twice and both times the money went in with me being a considerable favourite. Once I had him all-in on the turn with 20% and he sucked out (to chop or win, I can’t recall) but the next time the cards fell my way and I held to clinch the match.

We were now down to the final 32 and had made it into the money with one more round to go to make day 2. My opponent this time was someone I hadn’t heard of but some quick PTRing showed he was a slight loser over several hundred thousand hands at PLO 0.50/1, so I was feeling pretty good. To his credit, he played well, and aggressive, and the match was the closest of them all. It lasted over an hour and we were one of the last two remaining games to be played before the day ended. We each had the other down to 2-3k chips at one point or another and both managed to crawl back and then it flipped back again and again. I had him all-in 3 or 4 times to win the game and each time he binked it on the river to survive (though admittedly one of the times was a suckout-re-suckout situation, still icky though). Finally he had me down to 1.8k or so and it wasn’t looking good. Then I doubled up. Then I doubled up the very next hand again. We’re back to almost even stacks. I was feeling good. The blinds were huge. I pick up AQT9ds and open, he 3bets as he has been doing a lot and I make the standard 4bet essentially all-in. The money goes in and he turns over AA83ds, close to one of the worst hands I could see. I still had close to 40% equity though. The flop was about as bad as it gets: AT8 w/ his flush draw and he had me dead on the turn. Oh well, gg wp hf dd. It was close to 10am when all was said and done. I was happy to be able to sleep the rest of day away.

And on that highly anticlimactic note the WCOOP was over. I’m looking forward to going back to a more cash-game intensive schedule over the next couple of months. I’ve been downswinging a bit for the last few days but am feeling good about my game which is all that matters at the end of the day. Now it’s simply a matter about continuing to put in the volume required and outrun the devil that is variance. Hope someone out there had a better WCOOP – a big congrats goes out to the midstakes PLO reg MiPwnYa who came away with two PLO bracelets. Until next time..


August Roundup + September Goals

September 1, 2011 8 comments

August has been my busiest month of the year to date in regards to poker. I played a total of 208.61 hours (gotta get that .61 in there) which at 6-12 tables comes to a nice even 116,665 hands. For the most part I felt like I played very well although there were definitely some periods of sub-optimal play, but they are becoming farther and fewer between.

August 2011 BBs Graph

BBs Graph

I basically ran like god at 2/4 and then mediocre to very bad at every other level. VPP-wise I came in just short of my goal which was 150k:

SNE Status 1st Sep 2011

SNE Status

That’s okay though — extrapolating forward if I can sustain the same pace for the next 3 months I will still finish the end of November as SNE and can have a breezy December.

September Goals:

  • 120k Hands
  • 150k VPPs
  • 100 BIs
  • Win a WCOOP Bracelet, one time?
  • Start making videos for PokerStrategy again
  • Eat better / exercise more / blah blah blah

That just about sums it up. Also I should mention that I am not taking any more students for full time coaching as of right now. If you want to have your database analysed or only want 1-2 hours then we could perhaps work something out but this month is going to be a busy one with SNE grinding + WCOOP + everything else.

Hope everyone else had a great August and has a good September!

Here’s a bonus couple of pics of something I’ve been cooking up a bit lately:

Chicken thighs rubbed with a dry mix of herbs & spices

Chicken thighs rubbed with a dry mix of herbs & spices

Then pan fried

Then pan fried w/ some garlic and served as is