Almost all of the top players in the world have received coaching at one time or another and almost all of them would recommend coaching for any player wanting to take their game to the next level. Watching videos, posting hands on forums and constant review of your sessions is vital for any serious grinder. However these methods have limitations both in terms of the time it takes to find leaks and also the extent of leaks that can be found. Let me expand on this. A diligent student of poker will play a session and then go over their hands in Holdem Manager or Poker Tracker or similar software. They will look for mistakes they made and think about how to rectify them. This is a good starting point but there are two major flaws to this method:

  • They will absolutely not find every leak. The crux to this point is that they won’t even know that certain leaks are leaks until it is pointed out by another player.
  • When they do find a leak they will naturally attempt to plug it. While they will probably improve on their position before becoming aware of the leak, their method for fixing it may not be as correct or as advanced as a more experienced coach’s would be.

Aside from plugging leaks there are many other areas in which a poker coach can help a player. These include discussion about:

  • General and situation-specific theory in order to expand the poker mind of the player
  • Range Analysis and the balance of your game
  • Tilt Control and the mental tools required to play your A game as often as possible
  • Bankroll Management and shot taking
  • Note Taking and analysing your opponents
  • Database Analysis
  • Game & Seat Selection

The list goes on when you include outside influences on your game, long & short-term planning, further study options, and so on. It goes without saying that a poker coach can have a profound effect on a student’s game. I personally received coaching as I was climbing the ranks and I do not underestimate the impact it had on my game. Having also been a student helps understand both sides of the teaching process and this along with almost 100 hours of coaching students under my belt forms a considerable amount of coaching experience.

If you’ve come to this page then you are likely serious about getting coaching. Below are the services I offer alongside my rates.

General Coaching: $250/hr.

This is my base rate for a single session of coaching. The types of coaching that would fall under this umbrella include (but are not restricted to) the following:

  • Hand History Discussion
  • Sweat Sessions [where either the coach or student watches the other play and there is back-and-forth discussion of hands]
  • In-depth discussion of poker theory
  • Recorded Video Analysis

I am also always more than happy to consider suggestions for alternate methods of coaching and will usually accommodate the student’s preferences.

Outside the scope of hourly sessions I make myself available to my students via Skype or E-mail. I am happy to answer occasional questions about hands throughout the week and in between sessions. I’m also more than happy to help out wherever I can in areas of bankroll management, supernova elite planning, game selection tips, and a variety of other topics. I want you to succeed and I will make myself very available to be able to help out in any way that I can.

Extensive Database Analysis: $200/hr.

I charge database analysis at a lower rate as it is more convenient for me allowing me to work in my own time. How many hours do I recommend? As with everything else in poker, “it depends”. The more time I spend the more leaks will be found and plugged, but I would suggest a limit of 10-12 hours. Beyond that I don’t think I would be able to efficiently use the time. Here are some of the things I will cover (The longer I spend the more I will get through, and the more detail I will go into):

  • Basic overview of stats: I will look at your VPIP, PFR, 3-bet, fold to 3-bet, 4-bet, flop CB, turn CB, wtsd, w$sd and w$wsf to see if they are within profitable limits. I will be comparing them to my own stats, to the stats of other winning players and students that I know of, and also to correlated stats within your own database.
  • Positional stats: I will analysis if you are positionally aware or not (and if you are, if you are aware enough). This includes a look at your winrate via position in addition to the basic preflop stats. It is particularly important for analysing your play out of the blinds.
  • Heads-up single raise pots: I will filter for hands where the pot is heads up (two-handed) going into the flop. I will then manually look through a selection of hands to search for leaks.
  • Multiway pots: I will filter for hands where the pot is 3 or more handed going to the flop. I will then manually look through a selection of hands to search for leaks.
  • 3-bet pots: I will filter for hands where the pot has been 3bet preflop (in the case of an extensive analysis I will look at both pots where you were the 3 bettor and also where you called the 3 bet). I will then manually look through a selection of hands to search for leaks.
  • Turn play: I believe the turn is the street that a lot of players struggle with. Constantly a student will be a break-even or small winning player and be playing preflop and the flop very well, but have giant leaks when it comes to the turn. Filtering for pots that make it to the turn and looking through a selection of those hands has always proven succesful in plugging leaks.
  • River play: Similarly to turn play, I believe the river to be the most commonly misplayed street of all. I find this baffling as it is the street with the maximum amount of money in the pot to be won (or lost) and as such should be focused on the most. Filtering for river situations allows me to spot leaks that most players are unaware of – these mostly include missed valuebet and bluffing opportunities.

Beyond this I will begin to filter for more specific scenarios. These can be suggested by you in areas that you think you are playing poorly or they could be ones that I commonly find leaks in.

I will compile a report of your analysis with my written dialogue as I go through the database alongside statistics and specific hands that have been discussed. Below is a snapshot of the first page recent analysis that I have done so you can get an idea of the format that it comes in:

Blurred Image

If you opt to have your database analysed I will tailor it to your specific game. I will focus on the areas in which you need the most help and increase your winrate by eliminating the largest of your leaks.

Package: 10 hours of coaching + a 5 hour database analysis: $3,000

I offer a coaching package at a discounted price to provide a better value long-term option for the most serious of students.

If you would like to receive coaching, have your database analysed or inquire further please fill out & submit the form below and I will get in touch with you.

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