Improving your play

How can I get better? How do I improve my game? What’s the best way to study? What aids should I use? These are all questions any serious poker player asks throughout their career. My answer is that there are a myriad of excellent tools at your disposal and all should be utilized – each in their own way. I’ve given my opinion on some of the most common methods available below.


5 Reasons why you should switch to PLO from NLHE today

It’s ridiculous how many friends I have had over the years say things along the lines of “man, poker is getting so tough” or “I’m thinking of going back to college/uni because I can’t beat the games” or “poker is getting boring”. To all of them I have given the same response: LEARN PLO. I don’t think any of them are yet to have changed their main game to PLO. A couple have tried to move over and failed (either because they fell victim to the variance monster, or couldn’t be bothered learning strategy and kept losing, or were just lazy and missed their beloved 2-card devil game). Either way here are 5 reasons why you should endeavor to switch to playing pot-limit omaha.


PLO8 & NLO8 Tournament / MTT Strategy Post

Forget everything you know about PLO8/NLO8. Forget everything you have read. Forget every piece of advice anyone has ever told you. You will do MUCH better in big bet O8 tournaments going into them with a blank slate mindset rather than trying to apply PLO8/NLO8/LO8 cash game theory to them. Sit & Go theory is slightly better but still not good enough. So forget it all. Everything. Done? OK now we have something to work with.

Tournament poker is about two things:

1) Survival

2) Decimation


Two Sessions: One with a stop-loss, one without

There seems to be a lot of confusion about when a stop-loss should be used. There are people out there saying that nobody should use a stop-loss and this is something I strongly disagree with. It’s actually quite simple to work out whether or not you should use one. Note that stop losses in the scenario that I am discussing them are independent of BR management and are used as a method to stop yourself from playing poorly. They can also be used when taking a shot at higher stakes but that’s a very simple topic that I need not go into (basically give yourself 2-4 buyins at the level you’re taking a shot at and if you lose them you drop back to your normal level until you take another shot).


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