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Poker Update: April Roundup + May Goals

It’s been too long since my last one of these. April was a pretty good month all things considered. I almost exclusively played 2/4 and 3/6 and while I didn’t run too well, things could certainly have been worse. I felt like I was playing really well and my game is as good as it has ever been.

MTD April 2012

I’m going into May wanting it to be an epic month – mostly in terms of volume but hopefully with results to follow. Day 1 got off to a great start with me putting in almost 8k hands – not a pace I expect to sustain but I would be happy with anything north of 5k/day average for the month. On that note I should come up with some goals. I was reading an article earlier that mentioned a person is considerably more likely to follow through with goals they set if a) they are tangible (ie “I will play 150k hands” and not “I will play more”) and b) if there is a sense of accountability. That accountability can come from anywhere – a bet with a friend, a training partner, friends/family or in my case, the blogosphere. The thought behind it is that if you put your goals out there and have other people know what they are you are far more likely to follow through and succeed because there is an inherent desire within people to want to please others / not disappoint others. So, on that note, goals!

  • 150k hands of poker
  • 8 poker videos (5-6 for UltimateGrinders and 2-3 for PokerStrategy)
  • Follow through with C25K – I’ve been out of shape and inactive for too long and this seems like a good way to get going again

That’s it. I’ve found making too many goals is unrealistic and results in me trying to spread myself too thin and ending up not getting anything done. If I can do the above 3 i’ll be very happy and will look at adding something new for June.

Hope everyone else had a good April and I wish you all good luck for May 🙂

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  1. Simon Harig
    May 4, 2012 at 2:24 PM

    Hey Roy stumbled across your blog to see who the new Australian team online member was and have probably read through the last six months worth of posts since. I also play online (doitdoitdo1) and am also from Australia (melbourne) and am wondering what you do with your tax. I have heard conflicting things from people who should know tax lawyers and accountants varying from you never pay tax on gambling winnings to you have to pay tax on any income, I’ll let you guess who said what. Around 85% of my income comes from poker, I also coach tennis a small amount and would like to know both what you do in terms of tax and maybe a good accountant to speak to. Thanks in advance and good luck for your May grind.

  2. May 6, 2012 at 5:29 AM


    Everyone’s situation will differ in this regard and the best advice I can give you is to consult an accountant of your own. I can recommend someone if you’d like, i’ll send you an email with their details.



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